CDFP MSA Releases Specifications for 400 Gbps Interoperable Hot Pluggable Modules

 New CDFP 2.0 Specifications Enable Adoption and Proliferation of 400 Gbps CDFP Solutions - visit

Cannes, France - September 23, 2014 - The CDFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) is pleased to release specifications for the CDFP 2.0 interoperable hot pluggable modules.  Designed for resource intensive applications in telecommunications, networking and enterprise computing environments, the CDFP interface enables data rates of 25 Gbps over 16 lanes for an aggregate of 400 Gbps on a single module with excellent signal integrity, thermal cooling properties, and EMI protection. 

CDFP MSA founder-promoters include: Avago Technologies, Brocade Communications, IBM Corporation, JDS Uniphase, Juniper Networks, Molex Incorporated, and TE Connectivity.   Contributing member companies include:  FCI, Finisar, Huawei, Inphi, Ixia, Mellanox Technologies, Nextron, Oclaro, Semtech, Sumitomo Electric, Xilinx, and Yamaichi Electronics.  Founded in 2013 with the objective of defining specifications and promoting industry adoption, the CDFP MSA has announced that it has successfully reached its goals with the completion of mechanical drawings and in-depth design specifications for CDFP 2.0 modules. 

Providing a high level of integration, performance and long-term reliability, the CDFP 400 Gbps interface is available in short- and long-body versions.  The specifications are compatible for use with direct attach cables, active optical cables, and connectorized optical modules.  Designed for client-side interfaces inside the data center, CDFP modules enable high port density. The compact modules are well suited for low power applications using copper, VCSEL or silicon photonics based technology.  The CDFP modules are expected to find use in industry standards targeting 100 meters of MMF and up to 2 kilometers of SMF.  For example, the CDFP module can be used for one 400 Gbps interface or to aggregate sixteen 25 Gbps interfaces or four 100 Gbps interfaces. 

Complete specifications for the CDFP 2.0 interoperable hot pluggable modules and a complimentary white paper titled CDFP Delivers 400 Gbps Today are available on the CDFP MSA homepage.



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